Cutting Tools | Aluminium & Other Alloys

Complete range of drills for Aluminium and Other Alloys
Exceptional range of drills to support your special drilling applications in aluminium, magnesium, and other alloys
where chip flow and tool life may be impaired due to
heat production during the hole making process.

The drills have large, highly polished, open flutes that maximise chip evacuation. They are idealy suited for your high speed applications where increased productivity will produce attractive benefits in terms of 'cost down'.

Features | Benefits

  1. Large diameter range
  2. Long fluted PFS drills for Aluminium and Other Alloys
  3. Hole depth, according to your requirement
  4. Point angle to suit material, your requirement
  5. Drills can be reconditioned to 'as new'
  6. Coolant: external or internal available
  7. Multi-land drills for high accuracy holes
  8. Reamer drills for one shot applications where high accuracy is required
  9. Drills can be produced with parallel or 'DIN' standard shanks

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