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PCD Tipped Drill Countersink
We offer you a diverse range of countersinking solutions for carbon fibre (cfrp), aramid fibre (afrp) / Kevlar®, glass fibre (gfrp), titanium, aluminium, cfrp/titanium stacks, and cfrp/aluminium stacks.

Accurate rivet seatings that provide a secure and precise union of your composite and aerospace components can be effortlessly achieved with Cajero's range of standard and special countersink tooling.

If you require countersinking tools that provide maximum versatility, coupled with exceptional quality, ensuring your composite countersinking operation is performed with certainty, then contact Cajero today.

Features | Benefits

  1. Countersinking solutions | carbon fibre (cfrp), aramid fibre (afrp), glass fibre (gfrp), titanium, aluminium, cfrp/titanium stacks, and cfrp/aluminium stacks
  2. Lower operating costs | reduced need for continual pre-setting after change of cutting edges
  3. Smaller inventory | no regrinding
  4. Designed for superior finish | high finish and ripple free; better seating between the rivet & the material
  5. Capable of light touch operation | where stability could be a problem
  6. Reduced re-work or scrap | controlled depth options
  7. Automation capability | CNC applications
  8. Pilot diameter range from 2.2 mm (0.087") to 25.4 mm (1.0")
  9. Standard Countersink Assembly
  10. Repeatability of cutting edges to within 0.050 mm (50 micrometer)
  11. Solid carbide or PCD tipped drill countersink units
  12. Fillet radius to your requirement
  13. PCD, diamond coated, and solid carbide cutting inserts
  14. Edge chamfering capability

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