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machine operator One of our top priorities is the continuation of large investment into R & D. The composite and aerospace sector is in a considerable state of flux; composite material compositions, as well as manufacturing processes, are yet to be standardised across the industry. Although we have established a significant number of Cajero 'standard' cutting tools, we design and manufacture a high proportion of 'special' cutting tools for composite applications.

Our range of 'standard' and 'special' cutting tools, includes tools for:
drilling | routing/trimming | countersinking | and surface machining; of carbon fibre | aramid fibre | honeycomb core | glass fibre | and composite and alloy stacks.

This array of cutting tools has been developed to machine a wide variety of customer components, including:
composite wing skins | ribs | stringers | leading/trailing edges | rudders | canopies | spars | fuselage | cargo doors | cabin interiors.

From concept to reality, we will match your ambitions within your manufacturing environment to our knowledge and experience, to engineer products with exceptional performance and economy.

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