Cutting Tools | Aramid, Nomex® & Aluminium Honeycomb Core

Cutting Tools for Honeycomb Core Materials
Successful surfacing, contouring, pocketing, and radiusing of your honeycomb core materials can be effortlessly achieved through Cajero's optimised cutting tool designs.
  1. Solutions for: aramid, Nomex®, aluminium, titanium, stainless steel
  2. Your honeycomb core is cut - not pushed, damaged or deflected
  3. Minimum cutting forces exerted when machining your honeycomb core
  4. Little or no heat is generated during the cutting process
  5. Excellent flexibility and economics
  6. High concentricity
  7. Balanced to 20,000rpm
  8. Lightweight construction
  9. Modular design

Honeycomb Core | Surface Machining

Large surface areas of your honeycomb core can be readily machined. Diameter ranging from: 25.40 mm (1.000") to 76.20 mm (3.000").

Honeycomb Core | Contour Machining

External & internal angles, pockets, slots, machining finished angular surfaces with radius blend, and surface machining of honeycomb cores. Diameter ranging from: 6.35 mm (0.250") to 25.4 mm (1.000").

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