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Rivet Shaving Cutting Tools for Aerospace Applications
Cajero rivet shaving tools ensure that your rivets meet with aerospace surface flushness requirements.

Designed to eliminate material surface damage during your rivet shaving process, you will see no sprue or scoring on the rivets surface.

The integrity of the rivets tensile strength is further secured through consistently achieving shave depth height variation of 0.025mm (0.001"), in addition to maintaining minimum rivet head diameter.

Features | Benefits

  1. Approved and used by major aerospace OEM's
  2. Lower operating costs | reduced need for continual pre-setting after change of cutting edges
  3. Replaceable cutting inserts
  4. Smaller inventory | no regrinding
  5. Designed for superior finish | no sprue or scoring of rivet surface
  6. Capable of light touch operation | where stability could be a problem
  7. Reduced re-work or scrap
  8. Automation capability | CNC applications
  9. Extended tool life | coatings options
  10. Suitable for hand operated tools

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