Button Bit Hole Drilling | Rock Mining Heads

Rock Head Drills
You will achieve consistent production of holes in steel rock drill heads (50 - 60 HRC) through using our precision drills -
engineered for high positional accuracy, stability,
and hole size.

Ensuring optimum interference fit between the carbide button/bit and the rock drill head is one method of minimising significant costs associated with premature button/bit failure. Cajero drills afford you the confidence that at least one potential obstacle is overcome.

Features | Benefits

  1. Average 1200-2000 holes produced per drill
  2. Rock Head Drill Performance
  3. Total tolerance on drill is 0.005 mm / 0.0002" (5 micrometer)
  4. Diameter range = 5 > 22 mm, and is according to your requirement
  5. Hole depth, according to your requirement
  6. Point angle to suit material, your requirement
  7. Corner radius to your requirement
  8. Coolant: external or internal available
  9. Drills can be reconditioned to 'as new'
  10. All drills are coated with exclusive coatings

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