Cajero Services

Cutting tool consultation
Cajero know that you demand class leading services
to meet your own high customer service standards.

We will work with you to minimise cost through our extensive service list;
from comprehensive consultancy projects to full tool management.

Cajero Process

Your expectations will be exceeded through us delivering on-cost innovation. How?:

  1. Consult: Component analysis | Technical specification | Performance criteria | Project plan & Budget
  2. Design: Product innovation | Deadlines set | Revised project plan | Final budget
  3. Develop: Final design | Internal testing | Training & incorporation | Customer testing
  4. Deliver: Product execution | Validate standards | Quality guarantee | Final authorisation
  5. Manage: Satisfaction review | Minor enhancements | Performance analysis | Service level determined
  6. Optimise: Scrutinise service | Research new solutions | Ongoing support | Budget performance

Highlighted Service

Test machining | We machine your sample materials to establish the correct approach to achieve a successful production process or be on hand with you to validate the process within your works.

Through matching innovative technologies with imaginative design, our team of specialists continue to foster long term relationships with you, creating and managing business that evolves as we do.

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Cajero Services

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