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Cutting tool solutions for all of your composite needs
Over the years we have provided you with cutting tool solutions
for your complex, special, and unique composite structures.

Cajero's committed goal is simple - to continuously seek opportunities for providing you with the means to machine more effectively, through partnership and a mutual understanding of each others ambitions and capabilities.

Highlighted Solutions

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Over 2,500 Delamination Free Holes Drilled in Carbon Fibre Cajero's latest solid carbide drill is consistently drilling over 2,500 holes in carbon fibre without delamination.

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221 Production Hours per Month Now Available Project: to improve the edge quality of Boeing 777 parts thereby eliminating costly rework.
Solution: Optimised Solid Carbide HSM Router (6.0 mm diameter).
- Hours saved per month = 221 hours
- Savings per annum = £45,000 (GBP)

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Radius Blends & Profiles Machined in Honeycomb Core Ballnose Honeycomb Cutter for the clean finishing of angular honeycomb core surfaces to a radius blend, as well as profiles without the usual honeycomb cell deformation.

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Established Drill Programme for Carbon Fibre/Titanium Composite Stacks Cajero have developed a suite of drills for producing accurate, close tolerance, high surface finished holes in Carbon Fibre/Titanium Composite Stacks without delamination or burrs.

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Cajero Solutions

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