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Composite Stack Drill
Drilling, routing/milling, and countersinking solutions for your composite and metal hybrid stacks.
  1. graphite & titanium composite stack - TiGr
  2. carbon fibre (cfrp) & titanium composite stack
  3. carbon fibre (cfrp) & aluminium composite stack
  4. aramid fibre (afrp) & glass fibre (gfrp) composite stack

Designers understand that there are distinct advantages to be gained from combining the physical characteristics of dissimilar materials to obtain optimal performance; strength, density, impact resistance, stiffness, and corrosion resistance.

Often you will find that the ideal machining parameters for one material do not produce an adequate result in the other. Following our extensive drilling and routing/milling trials, you can now access established cutting tool solutions for even the most exotic of composite & metal hybrid stacks.

Features | Benefits

  1. Diameter, according to your requirement
  2. Drilled Carbon Fibre & Titanium Stack
  3. Hole depth, according to your requirement
  4. Point angle to suit material, or your requirement
  5. Drills can be reconditioned to 'as new'
  6. Coolant: external or internal available
  7. Drills can be produced with parallel or 'DIN' standard shanks
  8. Multi-land drills for high accuracy holes
  9. Reamer drills for one shot applications where high accuracy is required
  10. Suitable for high speed applications
  11. Optimised geometry
  12. Step drill options
  13. Coating options

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