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Surface Machining of Carbon Fibre
Are surface finish, accuracy, and high integrity of primary importance to you? If so, then our array of unique cutting tool solutions for flat and curved surface machining of carbon fibre composites (cfrp) are ideally suited to your needs.

The application of carbon fibre for critical structural aircraft components has increased considerably. Not only is there a requirement for traditional composite machining (drilling and routing/milling), but in some cases our customers need to
surface machine their carbon fibre (cfrp) component.

Features | Benefits

  1. Diameter, according to your requirement
  2. Repeatability of cutting edges, within 0.050 mm / 0.002" (50 micrometer)
  3. Balanced tools / high concentricity
  4. Exclusive cutting edge materials
  5. Extended tool life
  6. Coolant: External or Internal options available
  7. Replaceable cutting inserts
  8. Cutting edge and insert geometry tailored to meet surface contour requirements
  9. Capable of producing concave and convex surfaces, through tool design and CNC programme
  10. High Speed machining

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