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Titanium Drill
Cajero's drills for titanium alloy are designed and manufactured to give you process stability, combined with optimised drilling performance on your CNC machining centres or air tool applications.

Exacting standards in high specification titanium alloy applications are met through first-class design, the results of which are the production of quality holes, with accurate diameters, tolerances and surface finish.

Features | Benefits

  1. Large diameter range
  2. Hole depth, according to your requirement
  3. Cutting tool material selected to give wear resistance and best edge condition
  4. Drills can be reconditioned to 'as new' to ensure repeatability of performance and reduced inventory
  5. Coolant: external or internal available
  6. Construction specifically designed to reduce contact and therefore heat generation
  7. Flutes produced to enable good chip control
  8. Drill point angle and point thickness optimised to suit different titanium compositions and machine conditions

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