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Ultrasonic Knife | Cut Composites & Honeycomb Core
Cajero offer you a range of superior ultrasonic knives for accurately cutting and profiling your composite prepreg, composite fabrics (cfrp, afrp, gfrp), and honeycomb core materials.

Perfectly suited for advanced CNC controlled ultrasonic machines, our ultrasonic knife range is designed for dependable reciprocation at 20,000 cycles per second.

You will achieve advantageous process time reduction within multiple production departments, when comparing ultrasonic knife cutting with more conventional cutting techniques of honeycomb core materials.

Application | 2-Dimensional Ultrasonic Knife Cutting

  1. Configurable Knife Blade: | length | geometry | material specification |
  2. Component Material: | prepreg | carbon fibre (cfrp) | Kevlar & aramid (afrp) | glass fibre (gfrp) | honeycomb core |
  3. Knife Capability: single & multiple material layers

Application | 3-Dimensional Ultrasonic Knife Cutting

  1. Knife is perfect for ultrasonic slicing and sculpting honeycomb core
  2. Effective chamfering of flat honeycomb core
  3. Pre-form trimming on tool fixture
Ultrasonic Knives

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